If you are in search of a job in the domain of architecture, then you must check out and explore careers in modern architectural design. A job of an architectural designer is good especially for those people who are creative by inclination, and more interested in the artistic side of this field as opposed to the technical aspect.

Architecture designers concentrate on designing structures which primarily include bridges, residential and commercial buildings. They are more concerned with designing a space which is both aesthetic and functional. The type of job which professional architecture designers do also differs a lot. So many designers do their specializations in a particular area like designing educational establishments or residential structures.

Career in Architecture Designing

In order to grab a rewarding job in the field of architecture designing, you need to have a bachelor’s or a master’s degree from one of the architecture colleges in Jaipur with a specialization. While attending a college of repute as a full timer, a bachelor’s degree in this field can be earned in 4 years and a master’s degree takes upto 2 years.

Most states in India require some kind of government licensing for practicing as an architect. It often takes a while to be established in this field as an architectural designer, therefore, the earlier you begin getting experience, the better future prospects you have. A large number of architectural designers in India begin interning with reputed firms while they are still in the college.

These days, various architectural design engineers work for architecture companies alongside different other types of architectural work. Although most designers do jobs in designing firms, there are various architectural designers who find work as design consultants working for government and private bodies. Apart from this, some designers set up their own firms after working for any company to gain the required experience.

The wages for these design jobs increase as your experience increases, and also differ some time by location also. Generally, metro cities offer more robust pay packages. The job prospects in this field look good as the field of professional architecture is expected to grow fast in coming years. In a nutshell, taking up a career in architectural design is simply the best career choice for those who want to blend creativity with engineering to create some outstanding works of architectural design and art.

All you need is admission in one of the best architecture colleges in Jaipur or in any other city in India so that you can get the best of both practical and theoretical aspects of knowledge in the field of architectural designing. Needless to say, this career domain is not for everyone as it involves high level of creative thinking, imagination and perception of what a design will look like even before it comes into existence. Therefore, test yourself well before you get into this field.