If you go to an auto repair shop, you are likely to find a shelf that is filled with fuel system cleaners. If you are new, when it comes to engine parts maintenance, you might wonder what a fuel injector cleaner is used for.

In this article, we’re going to discuss some reasons why fuel injector cleaners are necessary as well the uses of it.

Is fuel-system cleaner important?

In recent years, fuel has become more and more stable chemically; this is due to the use of ethanol as boosting agent. These alcohols emulsify and oxidize to form noncombustible residues.

Over a long period of time accumulation of these residues can build up to an alarming level in the fuel injector and fuel lines. This accumulation will lead to a reduction in engine performance, fuel and fuel economy.

Fuel injector cleaners help to break down and remove the harmful deposit that is in you in your fuel lines. Every vehicle needs a fuel cleaner after they have covered up to 10,000 miles, because their fuel injectors might have accumulated a large number of residues from the fuel they purchase.

Fuel Injector Cleaner

How to use a fuel injector cleaner

If you have not used a fuel injector cleaner before, using it for the first time will surprise you. One thing you need to have in mind is that you don’t need to be tech savvy to use them effectively.

Follow the steps below to when using a fuel injector cleaner

Step1. Make sure your tank in your vehicle is almost empty

Step2. Read the instruction on your Injector cleaner and pour the right amount as instructed by the cleaner into your gas tank.

Step3. Pour the cleaner into the fuel filler on your vehicle and top it with regular fuel.

The reason why you should add a fuel injector cleaner when the tank is almost empty is to ensure that the cleaner and the fuel mix together. Some fuel injector cleaner products may contain some additional steps that may include idling your vehicle for a period of time before driving it. Ensure that you read the instruction on the product first before applying the tips in this article.

Fuel injector cleaner- an essential part of vehicle maintenance

The fuel injector plays a very important role in your vehicle and that is the job of keeping the engine smooth and efficient.

To remove accumulated sediments from your fuel lines and fuel injector, it would be a good idea to regularly use cleaner to clean your fuel injectors, instead of waiting for the accumulation to reach a critical level.

If for some reasons you have neglected the cleaning of your fuel injector for a long time, then you should consider using a heavy duty PEA cleaner. But if you just want to maintain your fuel system, then the PIBA or the PIB will be a better option for you.

Ensuring that your engine is free from residues will better improve your fuel efficiency as well as reduce the chances of your vehicle breaking down.

Some alternative to using fuel injector additives

There are a lots of fuel injector cleaning alternatives, but they are more stressful to use. These alternatives should only be used if your fuel system is totally blocked due to years of accumulation of residues. Your fuel injector can be removed to give it a good clean using a solvent that breaks down the accumulations that are on it. The problem here is that this process cannot be done in your home, you will need to send your fuel injector to a company who specializes on that or you can take it to the local auto shop in your neighborhood.

The method stated above should only be used as a last resort because they are very expensive. Rather than seeking this alternative, it would be wise to maintain your fuel lines and fuel injector system by using a good fuel injector cleaner from time to time. While you are using this, ensure that you read all the instructions and follow them strictly.

Lastly, you should not hold back from spending more money on getting the best fuel injector cleaner you can find in the market.

If you apply all the points discussed in this article, your vehicle will last for a very long time.