Testosterone might be broken into the different types such as free, serum, total and bioavailable testosterone. Actually steroid hormone testosterone might belong to the group of androgens that is produced in humans. It not just the sex hormone but also it is contributing to more than secondary sex characteristics. This hormone can affect behaviour and produce the anabolic effects. At the same time it can impact numerous numbers aspects of emotional, physical and mental wellness and health. Actually testosterone level might be fluctuating according to your gender, age and present health conditions. Testosterone level can impact by huge numbers of issues such as infection, illness, injury to testicles, infection and even malfunctioning pituitary gland.

Bioavailable Testosterone

Things to know about bioavailable testosterone

Basically pituitary gland is also called as master gland of human body and it is responsible to maintain functions as well as control over maximize or minimize of hormone that is produced or secreted by all hormone glands. Based on the research says that pituitary gland might send signal to testes by either maximize or minimize the testosterone production. Actually pituitary gland might receive the order for stimulating production from hypothalamus gland which is located in the brain. In fact testosterone is the hormone which circulates in blood into two forms like bound to blood proteins or unbound to proteins. This form is also known as bioavailable which means that androgen is available and ready for use by cells. In a traditional world, most of the people believe that free testosterone is bioavailable. Suppose you suffer from low testosterone level then your health professional might suggest testosterone replacement therapy. Free levels and bioavailable is mostly parallel to those of the total levels. Generally time of day blood test is taken, health status and age can impact on ranges for any man at any situation. At the same time measurements of total amounts are mostly analyzed with test which is known as TTST (Testosterone, Total, Serum). It is one of the common tests to determine diagnosis of the low testosterone level and it is frequently combined with other hormone testes like luteinizing hormone. Actually low bioavailable testosterone is also recommended for definite diagnosis and this test is also called as TTBS test. A blood test can useful to understand your testosterone levels.

Effective information about low bioavailable testosterone level

In a present world most of the men are suffering from low testosterone problems because of their diet plan and lifestyle. Total reference value for the adult men might typically range from 300 to 950 ng per deciliter. For example 30 year old man might measure 1.51 to 18.57 ng per deciliter of free testosterone levels. However 65 year old man might have testosterone level between 0.77 to 13.30 ng per deciliter. Based on the statistics says that bioavailable testosterone might vary based on age. You must consult with your doctor about level of the bioavailable testosterone at your body. Basically total level might be mostly used to determine when you are within normal range according to age, health and gender.