Getting ready for a debate competition can be anxious for students. If they are self-assured about the performance but there are many other things that can lower their confidence and can have an impact on performance during the debate session. It doesn’t mean that you are ready to move on for the preparation of the debate competition once a topic has been released. But you need to gather a notable range of knowledge and information to bring a wow factor in your debate. All the useful information about the released topic can be obtained from different resources like local newspapers, e-books, infographics, YouTube or from a debate app that comes with a variety of debate topics and logical arguments.

Below we have listed the practical steps for students to get ready for debate competition.

debate Competition

Work Together

When participating in a competition as a team, all the team members should corporate and speak as much as needed to make the points clear. All of them should invest their time and effort into the results if there are common goals. A team participating in the debate competition should gather necessary and useful information to start working on a given topic. In this way, they can work well on finding logical arguments, and collecting evidence.

Brainstorming Could be Great

Each participant should write the individual speech and have enough time to brainstorm to create a perfect one. They should prepare their own lists of references and evidence, and then discuss all the speeches together to consider which one is most appropriate for the discussion. In this way, every team member will have an opportunity to state his/her own point of view.

Analyze the Evidence Carefully

In order to perform well in a debate session, one needs a speech based on facts. Any arguments that are impossible to support with the evidence, should be avoided to create a positive impact on the audience. That is the reason, all the evidence should be analyzed carefully before using them in the speech. The ability to find appropriate evidence is a must-have skill that every student must own to secure victory in a debate session. One can find the most relevant and useful information about a topic from web in different content formats like text, infographics, videos, and images etc.

Know your Audience

A participant should know the audience very well. The audience may include judges, fellow students, other members participating in the competition and teachers etc. Having a clear idea and understanding of the audience helps participants to maintain postures and gestures accordingly to secure great remarks.

Prepare Your Speech Prudently

If it is your first time to participate in a debate, you need to spend extra time and effort to get ready for the victory. A well prepared and organized speech will definitely help you stand out among other participants. When participating as a team, gather all the speeches written by team members and compile them together to get a flawless one. In order to do this effectively, you should be master in time management as you will have a short time to write the evidence and arguments in an organized manner.