In this digital age, knowing how to type is a blessing, and knowing how to touch type is a blessing in disguise. In this age of instant messaging and emoticons, the need for touch-typing may seem a boring and unwanted feat to achieve for the younger generation in particular. Free typing games for kids are available online that help children to learn typing in the fun way. these websites are free of cost and hassle free, there’s no need to download or install. You just have to visit the site and click on the ‘click here to start playingoption and you are on the exciting journey of play and learn.

Let’s Play And Learn

Why should children learn touch-typing?

Typing improves visual motor integration because the eyes guide the hand. Reports suggest that typing skills foster skill development in writing, spelling and grammar. Hence, it helps in all areas of education. It is beneficial for children of all ages. Children with motor skill challenges such as dysgraphia and dyslexia, find typing easier to put their thoughts on paper. Children as early as from the age of seven or eight can be taught typing because by this age, their muscles are developed. Even for children in high school and colleges, need to submit reports, projects and presentations as well. Efficiency in typing will surely help them to do their task faster. When you are big enough to hunt for a job, your typing skills will help you get a job faster because your prompt work will be appreciated more. You will be ahead of your colleagues and so, you will have more chance of getting promotions.

Touch-typing over hunt and peck method

‘Hunt and peck’ typing is the typing done usually using only one, two or four fingers. Touch typing is the typing where a person uses all the ten fingers to type.

In hunt and peck method, typing with less fingers for long periods of time causes stress on the fingers. This may cause Repetitive strain injury on hands and wrists. In touch typing nothing of this happens because the stress is distributed between all the ten fingers. Click here to start playing now.

Hunt and peck method is time consuming. It takes more time to search the alphabets and type the keys. Touch typing method helps to double the speed of typing because the person already knows the position of the alphabet keys and so there is no need to search for the alphabet keys.

By touch typing you are multi tasking. You are typing, thinking as well as reading on the screen simultaneously.

In hunt and peck method lots of time is spent on shifting your eyes from keyboard to screen while typing.

Focus reduces when you are busy searching to find and type alphabets. In touch typing no such problem is there.

Fewer errors are there in touch typing. It is the opposite in hide and peck method.

Habits die hard. If the children are taught typing at a young age, it will help them throughout their life.