When it comes to technology, using wireless technology is way better than using wired technology. There is no doubt that wires create a mess if they are not properly aligned and used. But as technology gradually evolved and advanced, wireless technology was invented and become a boom for almost every technical field.

In the start, the wireless presentation solutions weren’t that capable or reliable. But swiftly more reliable and long-lasting wireless was designed. And from that point, the tech world was never the same. In today’s world, you’ll find various equipments that run on wireless technology and the most common example is your phone. With time, wireless technology is also used in the classroom for teaching and in other fields for presentation. And the most interactive presentation device is made by Vivi.

Vivi for Better Learning

Creating interactive learning spaces was never easy but Vivi has designed the presentation device to help the teacher level up the teaching patterns. Vivi integrates classroom technology and the core functionality of screen mirroring and video streaming for educational purposes.

Vivi Classroom is designed exclusively with one goal, i.e. to upgrade the education system. This system is controlled with a single and easy to use application. The app has an admin portal and can be operated via the Web. The various benefits of wireless presentation solutions include:

  • Wireless Screen Mirroring
  • Seamless Video Performance
  • Digital Signage
  • Touch Interactivity
  • Usage Dashboard
  • School-Wide Management
  • Enterprise Provisioning
  • Emergency Broadcast

The Vivi tech is beneficial for all students, teachers, and the IT/AV managers too. For teachers, Vivi offers mobility. The tech is used as a powerful vehicle to deliver peer and teacher feedback with other classroom features. This allows the teacher to embrace a student-centered learning program without giving full control.

As for the students, Vivi includes a low-risk means of communication. It can capture and annotate the content for later recalling. Plus, Vivi serves as an interactive way to collaborate and engage students with their peers and teachers.  And for IT/AV managers, Vivi significantly reduces the service load on the support desk. It is a stable and consistent solution for the school environment. And as it is centrally managed from a cloud portal, you don’t need to worry about exploiting the technology. Thus, Vivi removes the reliance of service on software vendor and become a complete cross-platform solution.

You must be wondering about the cross-platform feature.  Yes, Vivi is cross-platform, i.e. it can be used on any device irrespective of the Operating system. This means that the student, teachers, and the other staff can access the resources from any device they use. Isn’t it a brilliant idea of revolutionizing the old and traditional learning methods?

So, if you also want to create interactive Learning Spaces for your kids, then you should contact Vivi and explore in how many ways the wireless presentation solutions can help the school and education system all over the world.