According to a recent article in the Daily Mail, illegal fly tipping rubbish clearance is higher in Enfield than any other UK borough. A mind boggling 70,930 fly tipping cases were reported in Enfield in 2016 and the citizens of Enfield are crying out in anguish!

Here are the raw sentiments about fly tipping expressed by one frustrated Enfield citizen on the Enfield Council Facebook page:

“Flying Tipping is becoming a nightmare, and on the increase. Over the last year so many torn bin liners containing items of clothing strewn everywhere, see more mattresses on streets than Dreams showrooms, more 3 piece suites than DFS discounts stores, more household waste dumped than ever I’ve seen in my life time.”

Hidden cameras have been capturing fly tippers in the act and exposing the outrageous behavior more widely. In some cases, the fly tippers are recognized by people who know them after the video is released on the internet. With society’s increasing frowning on this illegal activity, fly tippers who are caught red handed are ostracized for their behavior and this may be more effective than any fine or other punishment imposed by the local government.

Illegal Fly Tipping Rubbish Clearance

One fly tipper was caught illegally dumping a lorry load of commercial rubbish across one of the worst places possible, a cycle path, in the middle of the night! Do these fly tippers have no shame? Have they have no conscious for the lives they affect by their bad behavior. Have they not heard that lawful rubbish clearance has been made much easier by on demand rubbish removal companies like Clearabee? With these services so readily available, there’s really no excuse at all for fly tipping anything!

The Daily Mail suggests that this particular case of fly tipping, and many others like it, may be part of a sophisticated ring of organised criminals. Not only do these fly tipping episodes cause blight and misery to all citizens who have to deal with the aftermath, they are costing taxpayers thousands of pounds each year. The estimated cost of fly tipping throughout the UK in 2016 was £50 million pounds! In Enfield alone, the estimated cost to clean up fly tipping is £800,000 pounds!

The Enfield Independent reported another fly tipping incident caught on closed circuit TV on September 10 in Muster Gardens. In this case, two men are clearly shown to fly tip two big black bags of rubbish right by the subway entrance in broad daylight!

While some fly tippers are getting braver about when and where they fly tip, the council is cracking down with bigger fines and more community service for those who get caught. The Fixed Penalty Notice for dropping litter has increased to £80 and the penalty for fly tipping is almost always much greater. Authorities are hoping to force fly tippers to clear fly tipping sites to which they contributed to. Not only does this teach them a valuable lesson in how difficult and time consuming it is to clear fly tipped rubbish, they are publicly shamed during their required rubbish clearance community service.

While not all fly tippers are caught, some fly tipping investigators get lucky by finding clues about who did the fly tipping in the rubbish they leave behind! For example, last March, Enfield fly tipping investigators found clues like a boarding pass and addressed envelopes that led them to the fly tipping culprit, a warehouse in Tottenham!

It’s important to note that the Enfield Council repeatedly encourages people to report sightings of fly tipping to the Enfield government page.

However, they also warn citizens that they must take some of the responsibility for preventing fly tipping on themselves whenever they hire a private man and van rubbish clearance service. They stress that citizens are required to ask to see a Waste Carrier’s Licence and get a copy of the transfer note that shows which legal waste transfer station their rubbish is taken to.

Enfield citizens who hire Clearabee’s rubbish clearance service, be it their popular same day man and van service, or a Beebag that gets picked up when they call, need not worry about their rubbish being fly tipped! Clearabee makes the whole rubbish clearance process 100 percent transparent and above board, making sure to take rubbish only to legal stations and ensure it is disposed of or recycled properly.