When we think of mentorship, we think of ways to approach those in positions that we want and ask them to help us hone our skills. In the real sense, though, mentors find you. Putting yourself in the path of great thinkers will lead to them noticing and giving you the chance you need for growth.

How do you position yourself right?

Land Yourself the Best Mentor

  • Speak Out

If you’re ever in a meeting with people who could change the course of your career, then speak to them as this may be your only chance. If you are afraid your current position is not giving you the chance to grow into a managerial position, then tell someone who is well connected. They might juts have an opening in their office and be looking for mentees. Also, do not be afraid to share your weaknesses or shy about your strong points because that would be how your future mentor picks you out.

  • Stand Out from the Crowd

Find like-minded professionals and join their groups. Hang out in places they do to increase the chances of talking to them and picking their brain. If there areprofessional groups that like-minded people who inspire you belong to, join them and make the most of those meet-ups. If a professional sees you incorporate a thought they gave you in your work, then they are likely to pick you as a mentee in a formal manner.

  • Sound off your ideas

If you are starting a business, it is possible that you have a ton of ideas but have not refined any. It is similar to searching for a personal injury lawyer in Vancouver in the sea of the many available. Telling your unfiltered thoughts to a seasoned business person will help you weed out weaker ideas and refine the ones likely to do best. Also, your mentor will help you navigate the initial steps that result to the death of startups.

  • Look for Growth

If you attend a seminar with all the people you would like to professionally mentor you, you are likely to be surrounded with lots of potential mentors. If, say you made a presentation that impressed the people in the room, you will possibly have potential mentors lining up. You will not need ten mentors, we believe, as it could lead to a conflict. You want to choose the one that meets your needs in your path to growth and so it’s imperative to look into the future. What is each of the mentors offering you? What will it do for your career in the future?

The best mentors are not only found in the formal setting. How much business is made in golf courses and the likes? Hanging out in places where your preferred mentors hang out and attending events that they do could give you the best chance to meet them. Informal mentors may also link you to some of their networks which could lead to valuable professional connections.