Getting a job in your profession isn’t always as easy as sending a resume and showing up to an interview. When it comes to many professions, starting out with a temp agency can be a great way to find the right first job for you. The key to getting in the right positions is to be prepared for anything–including jobs that may not be in your desired industry, but fit your skills and talents.

Resumes and Applications

Temp agencies see a lot of candidates on a daily basis to help them fill corporate contracts for temporary positions. That is why it is important to come into the agency fully prepared. You should bring a resume if you have one, but you will also be expected to fill out an application that helps the agency figure out what your strengths are. You may also need to provide professional references and submit to a background check depending on the type of work you are looking for.

The Interview

Temp agencies in Boston and across the country will also conduct an interview with all candidates. These interviews work much like a job interview with a company. The agency wants to get an idea of how you communicate, what you believe your strengths will be and areas where you may need some more experience.

The Contract

If the temp agency thinks that you are a fit for the types of jobs they have to offer, you will be asked to sign a contract. As with any important document, read it carefully before signing. Most temp agency contracts are there to prevent you from taking another position within a company where they place you without going through the temp agency for the new position. If you are offered a full time position, the company will contact the temp agency and provide them with a fee to void your contract so you can become a permanent hire.