There are many ways to learn English. One of the biggest blunders that most people make is that they confuse learning a language with learning a subject. If you do, it becomes boring. The homework begins to look like a chore and you lose the motivation to really learn the language. If you want to become a fluent speaker and write proper English, it is best that you adopt some creative ways to learn the language. If you take the ordinary approach, you will probably get bored halfway through the lesson. Here are five creative ways to learn English:

Befriend Some Natives If you live in an English country, one of the best things that you can do is to befriend some natives. Getting some native friends will give you motivation to study English and learn it quickly. That’s because your native friends will converse with each other in English. Moreover, they’ll also correct your mistakes when you do, which will help you greatly.

Learn English

Enroll in a Course If you live in an English speaking country such as Ireland, you could just run a cursory search on “English courses Ireland” on a search engine. Browse through the top results and you’ll definitely find some local courses in your vicinity. Take up one of these courses! Courses teach English in different ways. Moreover, the other students and your teacher will keep you motivated.

Use an App Your smartphone is your best friend if used correctly. There are many applications that now offer free English learning lessons. Download the top app that you can find on the platform, and start using it. Even if it is a paid app, they charge a pretty small amount for learning a language. Using a smartphone makes your life significantly easier. That’s because you can continue your lesson anywhere you go. Moreover, learning via a mobile app makes the whole lesson quite easy because they employ different ways to complete the lesson. You might be asked to fill a sentence, or translate a single word for instance.

Start Reading a Book Pick up a famous English book, and get started. Books are an excellent way to learn. You can also download another version in your native language and then compare the two. This will allow you to understand the distinction between different words as well as how sentences are formed. Take your time with it and use a dictionary so that you understand each and every word.

Maintain a Journal of Your Progress A journal can help you track your progress. It will also prove to be a major source of motivation at times when you feel low. English learning can be an arduous process. It is important that you keep yourself motivated at all times. Keeping a journal to track your progress will make it easier for you to remember how far you’ve come, and the progress you have made!