“Career Opportunities in Teaching Sector for Graduate & Post Graduate Peoples are available in large no. but first of all candidates who want to become a teacher must be passionate and self motivated so that they may teach well to the future of the country that is students.

Teaching sector is the most prestigious job for Indian candidates because there is no interfere of any person and no target except good result. Teachers are always considered as the advantage to entire society. Because of their intelligence, patience and knowledge, teachers always try to leave impact on the mind of students.

Teaching Sector for Graduate

Teaching has an influence in developing one’s mind and nature and also gives the contentment of having sparked the light of knowledge and dispelled the clouds of lack of knowledge. It you are simple graduate then do either BTC of B. Ed then pass the Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) then two doors will be open for you. First one is teaching in primary schools and second one is teaching in intermediate colleges.

If you have post graduate degree with minimum 55% marks then you can apply for NET (National Eligibility Test) which is conducted by UGC (University Grant Commission). Pass this competitive exam and become a lecturer in University or in any Intermediate too.

As this field is so vast areas of specialisations therefore various types of skills and training are necessary for various levels. If you are fond of teaching to adults than you can choose this option after post graduate degree as 18+ students go to universities to get knowledge and education for degree/ diploma courses.

There is big difference is salaries for both these qualification. Least salary is in primary section and the highest salary is offered to professors of universities. Good teachers can teach the best to each & every student. They are those who make similarity in the lives of their students. Inspiring students from their work and inspect their curiosity and cultivate is one of the biggest rewards of teaching for the teacher.

Teachers are like burning candles that burn entire career of teaching and spread the light of knowledge same as candle. Our country’s first wise president assumes best teacher and teacher’s day falls or celebrated on the day of his birthday. It is such a great owner for a candidate who becomes teacher.