Producer Robert Simonds Partners with TPG to take STX Entertainment to new heights. Although it is just not studios who take push things to crazy heights but actors as well for their acting roles with the Hollywood industry. If you are inspired to do something, you will definitely go crazy. Today I am going to tell you about top 7 Actors who went to crazy heights for their roles just to prove themselves out there in a cruel, cruel world.

  1. Heath Ledger – Batman’s True Villain

The king of jokers is right here. As you know, people love this joker than Bruce Wayne. Heath Ledger trapped himself away in London hotel room just to experiment with his performance, the results are in front of you.  He usually kept a diary with him to venture different mesmerizing voices. He got the best-supporting-actor award in 2009. Nobody has played joker’s role better than him yet. There are rumors that Heath was so absorbed in his part that he was trying to suicide.

  1. Robert De Niro – Psychotic Max Cady

Robert De Niro is the actor who is well known for paying a dentist thousands of dollar to grind his teeth down to get out the look of his role Psychotic Max Cady. But for Robert, the teeth wasn’t enough, so he took his act much further than this. The tattoo on his skin was made up with vegetable diets, it took months to fade. In this role, Robert leaves several scary voice messages to his director’s machine as Cady just to freak him out.

  1. Nicolas Cage – Miscellaneous Guy

Nicolas Cage made his career by looking unfamiliar in his roles. He went from Disfigured Vietnam Veteran to Vampire kiss results and then The Ghost Rider. He also pulled his teeth out just to play disfigured Vietnam veteran role.

  1. Kate Winslet – The Reader

Kate Winslet appears differently among actors as she is the youngest actor or actress in the industry to be nominated for six Academy Awards. Her first win came out when she played her role as a Nazi Concentration Camp Guard. She said it took months for her to interchange her character in this film after a severe car accident. She continued to be one of the top actors in Hollywood.

  1. Jamie Dornan – Famous Erotic Guy

Yes, you heard right, this guy is also on the list. Before getting a leading role in the Fifty Shades Of Grey movie, he was staring as the ‘Belfast Strangler’ in X-files. To understand the mindset of a serial killer, this 33-year-old guy confessed to following women off the train and pursuing her from a distance for several blocks.

  1. Daniel Day-Lewis – Rib Broker

Daniel Day-Lewis is associated with the character that nobody can embody. In his film, my left foot, this actor broked two of his ribs because his character is hunched over posture. This actor dedicated his entire life to play every single role he takes on.

  1. Christian Bale – The Skinny Guy

Bale lost almost 63 pounds for his role in the film The Machinist. He nearly lost his life for this role. He survived on one apple and a can of tuna fish for weeks before the shooting. To make his body worst, he smoked cigarettes to get more out of his character.

Behind million of paychecks, there’s a reason. So, What do you think is the best who went to crazy heights in the above list? Comment below and tell us.