Whether you hate them or absolutely love them, Movie Reboots can be considered as an important part of Hollywood. At the premier of STX Entertainment, Robert Simonds in Deadline mentioned about their several upcoming projects that might see reshaping of popular existing movies. Considering these recent rebooting ventures, it is worth shedding light on the positive elements of reshaping and retouching the existing movies.

This could be a cynical idea for the whole business of filmmaking but then again, reboots are certainly not bad. In some cases, they even turn out to be better than the previous ones. Remember the Batman trilogy by Christopher Nolan? And who can forget about the James Bond movies of Daniel Craig?

True to their very nature, the reboots are certainly a great thing for Hollywood and we certainly love to see them.

Movie Reboots Planned For A 2018 Release

Hollywood movie reboots are something that people definitely enjoy and for that, we are here with some amazing reboots that are planned for a release in 2018. We bet everything that you had no idea about some of these.

  1. Peter Pan

The Disney world is all determined to provide all the classic animated movies a better treatment. And what better way to do that than to make classic reboots of the classics. Well, Peter Pan is the topmost name on the list for reboots and we certainly have no complaints about that, right? David Lowery is all set to make the life of Peter Pan an interesting watch this time. We hope it gets the results that it deserves.

  1. The Grinch

We obviously remember how Jim Carrey brought the character of the protagonist ‘Grinch’ who hated Christmas. Well, the movie didn’t do too well, but Jim Carrey’s iconic portrayal still remains to be unmatched. However, after 18 years, it is Benedict Cumberbatch who is back with the character of ‘Grinch’. Yes, Doctor Strange himself is going to play the role of the Christmas-hating character and we certainly hope it is as good as Jim’s.

  1. The Crow Reborn

The Crow Reborn is another one of the movies that are expecting a reboot in 2018. The protagonist of the movie Eric Draven provided a satisfactory angle to the character and no matter how things turned such as the lead actors leaving and the criticism from Alex Proyas, the movie is still going to be released.

  1. The Grudge

The horror section has got more reboots than anything else over the last few years. Do we need any more explanation for the latest reboot for the Japanese horror, ‘The Grudge’?

Well, it is this movie that is all set to enter the Hollywood market with a different twist.

  1. Re-Animator: Evolution

Reasserting the point that the horror category is prone to have more reboots than the others, it is time for us to reveal another classic horror movie that has slated 2018 as its release year. The Re-Animator: Evolution is all set to have a grand entrance in the year 2018.

  1. Death Wish

This particular movie is a reboot that we will forgive you for not having an idea about since the release date for the movie has yet been pushed back again. However, we certainly want a release as it has Bruce Willis in it.

These were the movie reboots for 2018. How many of these are you eagerly waiting for.?